The Remakery

More than just making...


We believe that some of

the biggest challenges of our time

can be addressed by developing more sustainable ways of working, making and living

Our Mission

By providing space for the community to work with surplus materials, this work space lays the foundation for activities that allow society to evolve and thrive – something we hope you can support. 

Our Aims

Fostering New Skills -Supporting self-discovery and co-operation, fostering  new skills and finding latent ones  |   Zero Waste – Providing project space for the community to explore zero waste systems  Ecological Innovation – Prioritising research & interactive projects that support ecological innovation.


The Remakery was born in 2012 out of a disused car park in South London. Located between Brixton and Camberwell, our not-for-profit maker-space has fostered a community of makers, artists, local residents and enterprises that have been breathing new life and creativity into things destined for landfill.

Encouraging people to actively rethink, recover, reuse and redistribute surplus materials.

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see our society rules

Hosting talks, discussions and workshops about different practices of remaking. Building partnerships and sharing knowledge through all that goes on here.

Any profit in our business is recycled to subsidise Remakery membership and social programs. We are a Society for the Benefit of the Community, a form of co-operative. We aim to be transparent and honest in how we do things and make ethically-based decisions.

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The Four Compass Points


To cognitively explore the ideas, designs, philosophies of remaking; to become more confident and knowledgeable in the environmental, sociological and cultural impacts of making, remaking and consuming materials; to determine how, what and why objects are defined as waste.


To physically make things out of reclaimed and repurposed material; to learn and teach the skills, specialist techniques, equipment and accuracies in making and remaking; to restore function to broken objects by diagnosing faults and repairing them; to instil a renewed form and/or function to objects that have undergone the process of remaking.


To improve wellbeing through working with, finding new uses for and valuing waste. Sourcing broken, discarded and disused materials; to process waste material into usable building blocks for various methods of making, especially techniques to reduce the likelihood of them becoming waste in future; to probe the limitations and potentials of repurposed waste materials. 


To distribute previously undesirable objects, either by buying and selling, donating or exchanging but not disposing; to empower the community and equip them with skills and experiences that may lead to more fulfilling opportunities and social interactions; to propagate ideas and expertise in spaces outside The Remakery through objects “Made in The Remakery”.